Our systems come fully programmed and prepped for your production, saving you time and stress. All levels, routing, cross fades etc. are pre-set and our cutting-edge software allows us to programme complex sound designs to run very simply. Our systems can provide full Midi Show Control giving you command over every element of your production, such as audio mixing desks, lighting desks and video servers, from one central control point. Trigger! itself can provide simple high definition video playback for your production if desired.

Once set up our systems are easy to use, meaning that operational errors are substantially reduced. Even the most challenging productions can be substantially automated. Both simple and sophisticated productions can benefit from the use of our systems.

We have a massive sound library if you need additional effects and can produce an entire audio design from scratch. Enhance the sound experience of your next production by using a state-of-the-art audio system supplied by Rick Simon Audio Services.

Click here for technical information on our systems.

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