Rick Simon's practical experience spans all areas of television sound and he is an accomplished live light entertainment Sound Supervisor with extensive experience of complex live formats.

Having originally trained at BBC Radio Networks, working alongside broadcasters such as Noel Edmonds, Steve Wright and Terry Wogan, Rick progressed into television with the outset of breakfast TV, rapidly gaining a reputation as an outstanding television "Grams Op." Since 1987 Rick has been working as a freelance SOUND SUPERVISOR in the television broadcast industry.

Amongst many shows that Rick has supervised over the years, he has been responsible for the sound design on TV shows ranging from Britain's Got More Talent to TFI  Friday and from Got to Dance to The Magicians.

Rick is also an extremely competent studio GRAMS OPERATOR. He was a main contributor to the early development of SpotOn and, through his fascination with software development and design, went on to develop Trigger!H, a highly sophisticated audio / video play-out and show-control application that is suitable for use in broadcast and theatre alike.

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