Ballinger is the software development arm of Rick Simon Audio Services. Trigger! is an application developed by Ballinger in response to a demand for an affordable windows based solution for the playback of audio and video for use in broadcast, theatre, presentation or teaching.

Trigger! gives you unprecedented control over your audio and video playback capability. Whether your requirements are for a touring theatre production, a major theatrical extravaganza, a TV quiz show,  or simply as a means of playing music for your dance classes, Trigger! is the right solution for you. Easy to use yet with highly sophisticated functionality Trigger! can be used either as a linear “cue list” system, or as a non-linear “grams” system.

Trigger is available as a free trial version for you to evaluate. If you like Trigger! and want to use it commercially, a license can be purchased by contacting us by email. Please visit the Trigger! website for more details about the Trigger! software package, from Ballinger Software.

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